Friday, February 25, 2011

1 big 2 weeks blog=)

•12 noon- Today is my our (hubby and mine) 18 year anniversary since we have meant. I can't believe how much we have been thur together. He is such a wonderful person, I love him with all of my heart and soul!!
•5:05p - I am NOT feeling good today!! I tried to lay down for a little bit, but my mind started on it's little wish-list of a dream (basically beening able to travel etc.) And the I just woke up.  I want so much in my life and I need to get rolling on all the stuff I want to do. This post is completely different from the last lol. Anyways, enough babble! Back to studying.
2:15p So far today is going OK. D's tired like always and I am still sick. I honestly think all of that on his and my side is from the stress that is in our lives. (More on that later). But, he is doing what he needs to do the housework and I am doing doing my thing which is studying. I need to hit this out of the ballpark. If only I knew for sure that the RCP wasn't getting cut but, again that is out of my hands and we won't know until the first of March. Anyways on a positive note tom is my orientation @ St. Joes in Stockton. I can't wait that is the place for me to make a big impression because I want to be a NPS and they are the place to do it. Anyways I got to get back to studying and then going to sleep early so I can be there on time if not early =)
I started to blog this morning when I got to St. Joe's, but people started to arrive within 20 mins of me. Now I am back have been back for several hours. I was taking some R&R on the internet. I have been working on a Cooking blog Roll and several other ones. I have so many interests and read some many blogs yes I know school work comes first that is why I haven't done much blogging outside of my weekly check-ins. The other ones will happen when they happen even this one. It is NOT like everyone stops their life to see how I am doing, but I do like to share my experiences.
•OK, here's an off the wall comment. Sometimes I feel that my mother-in-law thinks that if we didn't have her we wouldn't make it. That is so not true, honestly I hate to say this but I can't wait to get D alone!! That sounds odd. I have been sharing him with his mother for more then half the time we have been together. Now, of course I don't mean sexually but, in that same breath I do. D and I can't be well let's just say "expressive" much with her in the next room.
We it's almost 7pm. I have been studying for the past couple hours. I have read all the chapters that are going to be on the next big test with I think is in a couple weeks. Phil might push that back because we have only gone over two of the (I believe) 4 chapters. Who knows, we just had a medical term test which I got 18/22 on and a pop quiz which I believe I got 10/10 on. We will also have one more med term test and most like this will all be around the time we find out if the program gets cut or not. I don't know if I mentioned that I went to St Joseph's yesterday I am fairly impressed with the hospital. They apparently have the best NINU in the Central Valley. •I am lying in bed listening to D talk about his' EVE game, it's all Greek to me but he loves the game.  I can't wait until we have more money and I could enjoy some of my hobbies more (Yes, I do more the blog about sex related stuff lol). I would love to do more cooking, beading, scrap booking and especially travel. That Is just what I want to do.  D has he's own list, but without money all that isn't happening. When I get out of the program, I want to get past my probation period and then have D just do what he wants to do!
•5:30am<< Yes, I am "apparently" up early today! I got up to go the restroom, and then I couldn't get back to sleep. I was going to turn on the computer and work on one of my blog rolls that "should" (LOL, school work comes first) be done by Saturday. But, instead I decided to go downstairs and study until D wakes up. Then I am most-like going to goto the gym, somewhere I have NOT been in like a week!! Then I will get cleaned up when I get back do some "online" time (2 hours max.) and then return to my studying. Sounds like a good day huh? Let's see how well that goes! =) • So far it's been a good day!! It's like 1:30p, just got off the phone with D. He's been super busy with work so I told him to just call me when he could. I love my bubby so much!!! I have worked on so of my blog rolls and studied a lot. =)
OK, I didn't get the previous blogs posted to posterous today, oh well. The next weeks blog will be big. I did get a couple of blog rolls done yesterday. This morning I did post a screen shot of a recipe of @browneyebaker that I used the Screen Hunter software that D downloaded last night. It's a great program. Anyway, I will talk more later on my yesterday lol, I got to get back to studying. Just taking a small break=)
OMG, my mind is on so many things!! I wish I (we) had the money to friggin get away for the weekend!! Even if I had to study in a hotel room, that would be there here.  Wow, I feel like the hamster that is in my head and on a wheel is in HIGH SPEED. No I am NOT on drugs!! Really, I am not. But, I wouldn't mind a. Chraka realigment, lol.
Today has been a good day. D and I went out to breakfast at Cathy's Diner a place we like to goto often and is in a nearby town.  We had an awesome breakfast and then went into Modesto to get my scrubs at Wilson's Uniforms. We also go a cute I.D. badge holder that retracts. I can put my CPR card in the pocket and then just put the I.D. cards I get from my clinicals on the plastic hook. Anyways, I know I said yesterday that I would talk about Thursday's CPR class their really isn't much to say but, I passed lol. OK, after Wilson's D and I went to drop off his' crawdad traps at our friends home and hung out for awhile then we went over to our landlords property to see their baby goat and other animals. We were also there to have D worked on their daughter's computer. The we came home and he did the chores and I have been studying. Not to exciting but whatever it is I love beening around D!! I am going to mush likely study for another hour since it's 8pm now and then we are going to cuddle=)
Like I said on Hootsuite a little while ago it's been a good day so far. Went to the gym and relaxed a little on the net. D went for a drive to get out a little, I miss him!! Well I gotta go downstairs flip the laundry around for him and get to studying!! Will talk later.
I didn't get back to the blog from yesterday I want to talk more about the day. Well it wasn't to bad of a day. Today. I started off getting a lot of the medical terminology typed out then during a "break" a posted my articles blog which was almost done always. Then I went to see D on his lunch then went to the gym then came home to finish the terminology get it printed out and I have been studying like a busy bee since about the time D got home. He's playing Eve and I am actually watching him. I enjoy seeing him play especially when he buddy comes on. They are like Bevis and Buthead, don't ask which one is which!! Well I am am signing off for the night, I will probably either study more ( I have plenty of time tom though) or I will work on some one of the many little articles I got going on my phone. Talk with ya tomorrow=)
Well another good day, except for being tired. I am so excited that clinicals are starting real soon.
OK, I hope to get back to yesterdays blog later on.  About 5 minutes ago (8:50 am-ish) I was trying to finish up on my catch up on my Google Reader when everything shut off. It was the whole power to our complex, but it was funny I was listening to Davy Blursky's Blog He's Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs cameraman/ sidekick lol. In the video Davy was I think going to pull a prank on Mike. Now the power is back on I will fine out =) Yes, it was a joke, kind-of stupid and mean but the other two were going with it. Anyways, just studying and trying to control my ADD mind!! Love it <<-- NOT lol More later=) Later>> I really don't think I have ADD just my mind likes to start 10 different things and finish maybe 8 of them. OK, that is ADD, but I am not going to mediate myself for the rest of my life!! I have be looking into meditative stuff and trying to keep myself on a schedule!!
•Wow, it's only 11:00am!!! Damn, feels like it should be MUCH later. I didn't get this posted or even the checkbook done damn it LOL. Well I want to get a good chuck of studying down so I can be with D tonight when he gets home, so I guess that is going to be on tomorrow's to-do list. OK, well enough said for now=) • I got so much on my mind!! I will know on Tuesday (hopefully) if the RCP gets canceled. What I have heard it doesn't look like it but, I want to hear it from the "horse's" mouth and that would be the president of MJC. Their's other stuff to and I might go into later.<<OK, I forgot some bills were do today, so I hopped on the computer to pay them. So I decided to also send this. TWO weeks worth lol.  Sorry if it's not grammatically correct, I don't have the time right now to do that lol. Rest of today will be on the next one=)

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