Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blogger and disqus

OK, I got my posterous posts/blogs going to because they have a better commenting system (Disqus) and allow Google Friends Connect.  So link is below is here yes it's called Laura's Nice Blog lol it is the nice blog since the other one is rated R lol.  Don't know let me know hehehe.  As I get time I will add more of the links etc that our on my posterous page to my blogger page and jic you don't have that it's here. So feel free to comment on Disqus and Google Friend connect=) My other blogger link is here << on this one you will be warned it's rated R. Nothing bad just my reviews but I have to warn ya before hand.  If you want the link to my posterous page go here this is where all my links are **remember you are warned =).  That is another good thing with blogger you can set your blog to adult and have that nice disclaimer before you see the page.  OK, like I said before as more time permits I will move all my links etc over to the appropriate Blogger page.  On, a side note I gave my hubby is Anniversary/Valentines Day gift last night, I couldn't wait anymore.  Today 2/12 is our 18th anniversary of meeting and of course everyone knows what Monday is=) I put his reading glasses on the little monkey and took a pic. Isn't it just so cute! OK, I am waiting for mother in law to come home from the grocery store so I can help her in the door, then I am running out to do some earrands then back home to study=) TTFN! 

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