Friday, March 18, 2011

3-6 to 3-18-11 Blogs =)

Today, is good. I couldn't get to sleep last night. So I broke down and took some sleeping pills, which I don't like to do. But, when I woke up this morning I got my cereal and coffee in me and didn't doddle to much. When I got to the gym I did the bike for an hour and then did some ab exercises. When I loose this weight I am going to need to have some strong abs. I honestly don't know that I would compete in the IFBBs but I won't mind having a body like one of the competitors. Outside of rocking the two tests I have in school, I need to also work on my eating and exercise plan and most importantly do my goals.  
OMG, I cannot believe my mother-in-law is watching the Maury Show it is such crap!! I just really need to do well in school and get out of living with her!!
Well yesterday I had a pretty good day. Had my Exam. Didn't get a B like I wanted but didn't get a D either Yeah!!=)
"It takes more than a sperm and egg cells to make a family it takes a heart"<<I just came up with that and I will go into detail later=)
Well today has been interesting!! I am just very stir crazy right now. I was "going" to do some of my blog rolls but I lost the trill for a lack of a better word. I will do some tomorrow after the gym which is something apparently I am going back to being on again off again damn it. Well right now I am going to read the next chapter in my RCP book which is Airway Pharmacology. I really do want to do so well in this program next week I start clincials!!
Well I was able to finish one blog roll yesterday! After starting the current chapter I am on (see above) I started ti think that I deserve time off from my study's. Yes, the studying is MOST important but, I also love blogging. It feels a little over-whelming when my bookmarks start to look they are over filling. Then I just refocus myself. I know no one is holding their breath for my blog rolls to come out lol. The one I got done last night was for my "other" blog LOL I am not ashamed that I blog about more "adult" topics I just have to have a separate blog for that and If you are reading this and don't know then you are going to just have to check out my link page =) The next blog roll I will get down is most likely my cooking one then the rest will follow when they do. That most likely won't be until sometime next week. D's off until Monday and unless I need the computer for school or I am done with studying and he doesn't need it I don't go on the computer so he can have is time. Next week is going to be busy. Monday I have an orientation at a local hospital (will remain nameless) for my first round of clinials and Wednesday that starts Tuesday and Thursday I am in school and I am GOING TO GO TO THE GYM!! MY god I have been bad if I want to have the body I want this isn't going to help!! Which brings me to talk about my eating to!! I need to forget the fact that my mother in law gets butt hurt when I have a special "diet" She thinks that the Mayo-rich meals she make are actually good for you LOL! Well I need to get back to laundry and studying I am going to go see D for his lunch to I miss him when he's at work!! Later=) Well, I screwed that up!! I am so tired of my old habits. Waiting until the last minute to do something (like getting ready to go see D!) NEVER works!! Well at least I was doing something productive like studying and the laundry but really if those were eggs I would have dropped one!!  I really need to get my shit together!!!
I can't believe it's only 1pm!! It feel later probably because I stayed up to late! Well today has been good D has the day off and also tomorrow and I am just studying. More later maybe... OK, I am back. On a little break. I was studying and then my mother in law who was preparing food, got a phone call on her cell from one of her "talkative" friends. I think it is so funny that she act like she can't get a word in or annoyed because the call is taking sometime. This is what she does to us it funny, and I am horrible for thinking it is LOL
Today has started off good and outside of D not feeling it is still going fairy well. I am concerned about the nuclear plant in Japan possibly a meltdown that from their earthquake. Outside if that I went to the gym got home and ready for the day. I am going to study until I have to go to bed. Which is early tonight because I have a hospital orientation early tomorrow. I might be online tonight to get my cooking blog roll going. But that won't be for more than an hour and if D's awake I will spend it with him instead. Well that is all for today. See ya tomorrow =)
Wow, its been a good 5 days since I last blogged. OK, what has happened???? Well last time I blogged it was Sunday now its Friday, Wow time fly's!! Monday was a long day I had the orientation at the hospital that my first set of clinicals are at. It was A LONG day. I was going to go to the gym after that BUT I was way to tired and didn't =( Tuesday I had school Lab in the AM and then class at 1pm. After school, I believe I studied a little and then went to bed because I had my first 12.5hr clinical round to do. Then early Wednesday I had my clinical round to do which was long and tiring but also fun and exciting in the same. Thursday I only had class at 1pm. I believe I slept in but did go to the gym after school. I spent the rest the day going thur emails and my Google Reader. Today I am doing the laundry and studying, didn't go to the gym. I will have a better week with the gym next week. I have to move my time around and be more structured. Tomorrow I have errands to run in the morning which INCLUDES the gym. Like I have said many times before. RCP comes first!!!!

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