Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Hello everyone=) I thought I would share something with you that quite honestly almost made myself laugh myself to peeing almost!!! OK, I went downstairs and started my "usual" morning routine: I uncovered my rat's cage (so they can have fresh air duh!LOL), played with them for a minute or two (and of course Gopher my oldest protested as I put her back in her cage with her usual stomping of her paws!LOL), then I started my POT of coffee, then as that was going, I put away the dishes from last night and then put fresh dish water in the dish pan. As I waited for my POT OF COFFEE to finish, I pondered a DEEP THOUGHT: Life is like a linked chain, each day of our life is just one link, we can't focus on yesterdays link or even tomorrows, just need to focus on today's link. And, the "normal" stress of the day is just life imposing some cosmic tension on each "link", in which we need to flex to. I was actually quite shocked, I am NO dummy, but I don't usually have such deep thoughts THIS EARLY (5:45am) without some COFFEE in me...in that being sad I got my coffee cup and went to fill it up BUT in the coffee making "process" I forgot 1 important step...wait for it....do you know what I forgot???...coffee ground!!!!!!!!!OMG! So as Confucius would say.."Coffee Grounds very important in the coffee making PROCESS!!!" OMG =P~ drooling Hope you have a GREAT day, Oh and don't forget your coffee grounds!-Laura "Daisy"

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