Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not so posty Posts lol

OK, here they are not too talkive the last couple of weeks. Plus, right now I am too busy to spell check so whatever lol=)

My friggin mother in law is killing me again. I just hate having our bedroom door open I feel like I have no privacy or even my own life.  She's always around yesterday D's lunch box was in the gargare and I was going to clean it out but, without being asked or even asking herself she goes and cleans it. Usually that wouldn't be an issue but for someone who gets mad when someone "assumes" something with her she does it too!!
Wow, theses past couple of months have been so crazy. I am starting to get on a schedule (that was out of the blue there lol) I am probably going to post my daily blogs every two weeks and I might put out a blog roll then too. I think I did my "other" blog (if you know me then you know ask if you want) first then Cooking, Makeup/Fashion, Health/Fitness then Misc. One. So every two weeks a new one will come out but that is crazy because I won't restart the cycle for 10 weeks. Well its still in the works, plus I have other things to do. I might combine the last three into one so that I rotate every six weeks. Wow, seems like a lot of work for something I enjoy. Well class is going to start soon I will write more later.
Well so far day 2 of Clinicals, OK a couple of RTs are teasing me alittle but its all good. Today is really rainy and yucky. I am thinking a lot about Owen my sister had a baby a couple of days ago. Well she didn't have Owen but her husbands girlfriend did they have a polyamrous marriage. I don't think I would be in a relationship like that but too each his/her own.
It's been a couple of days since I last blog not much except not studying going on. I wanted to check in for a little I need to start my next week goals and get back to studying, I am just burning out!! I know what I want but I sometimes forget what it takes to get it. I want it now!! I feel like that brat from Willy Wanka!!
Again, its been a good four days since I have just not been up to it probably because I haven't been following my weekly schedule and have been online a fair amount. I am a brat! I have to fingure out that cheacters name is on Willy Wanka and call myself that when I am being one. While I am at clicinals and itks at the end of routions so I am just studying foir the test tom. I hope I do good!!
Well I didn't do bad I past the test but I wanted to do more than just pass!! D and I had a good talk last night and he has realized that there's more stuff on his shoulders and he really needs me to help out more but he's been afraid to ask. Usually when I help our or start doing me thing I tend to drop something else. Right now school is still number one on that list.

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